Den Gyldne Nøgle - Nøglens Vogtere 1

"A brilliant and entertaining debut." — Troldspejlet, Danish TV-show

Mit name is Lene Dybdahl

I am a Danish published author
of seven fantasy novels. 

In the coming months, the first three books
will be translated to English
and published on Amazon
and all other European streaming services.

The Golden Key is out now!


The Keepers of the Key Series

English Translation In the Making

Visigotens Hjelm Nøglens Vogtere 2
The Visigoth's Helmet

Keepers of the Key #2

"This series is an absolute must for all fantasy lovers. Incredibly exciting."

- Bookeater

Keepers of the Key #3 - The King's Crucifix
The King's Crucifix

Keepers of the Key #3

"A complex vibrant adventure with a high paced plot."

- Berlingske

Lene Dybdahl:
Writing Magic in Denmark

Lene Dybdahl is the Danish author of seven published fantasy novels at Tellerup. Her fantasy series ‘Nøglens Vogtere’ (Keepers of the Key) has been said to be ‘The Da Vinci Code for Kids’ and her writing has been compared to The Children of the Lamp series by P. B. Kerr. Her fantasy series ‘Ovanienprofetierne’ (The Ovania Profecies) was featured in the Danish Literary Magazine at the London Book Fair. 

Read the whole article on Rhonda Douglas' blog here >>

Books by Lene Dybdahl — Not yet translated

A Storm of Fire - The Ovania Profecies 3


Storm of Fire

"A spectacular conlusion of a truly spectacular trilogy."

- Litteratursiden

Blodbæst - Ovanienprofetierne 2


Beast of Blood

"I have yearned for 'Beast of Blood' to be released, and I was not disappointed at all."

- Litteratursiden

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'Skyriel' is high paced, nail bittingly exciting, hilarious, satiating, thought provoking."

- Politiken

Den Sorte Paraply af Lene Dybdahl

Den Sorte Paraply

The Black Umbrella

"Read it! Read it! The book is insanely thrilling and impossible to put down."

- Bookeater

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Who is Lene Dybdahl?

My name is Lene Dybdahl, and I am the author of seven fantasy novels published at Tellerup Publishing.

I own the company Pen & Pondus, an online course business that offers online writing courses and courses about creating and launching profitable online courses through email marketing.

So far, my courses are available in Danish only.

I have taught more than 1440 aspiring authors.

Besides the online courses, I do offer 1 on 1 coaching on writing and online business and I am happy to help you, too!

Proudly featured in these Danish Media

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